Fatima Vega, is a woman of faith living in the Benjamin Zeledon community in Nicaragua. She told us her story with a heavy heart. Her husband, Longino, had been imprisoned for a theft that had been committed in the area. Despite video evidence confirming his innocence, he was faced with serious charges. During this time, Fatima was left to take care of their special needs son, Jonathan, as well as their two other children. 

MicrosoftTeams image 20 God Makes a WayLongino was the sole bread winner for the family, so this was a difficult time for her. To make an income and support her family, Fatima opened a pulperia (small shop) in her house. Our site leaders, Fernando and Katia, were asked to go into the Benjamin Zeledon community by Fatima’s pastor and teach a small group of women who were struggling financially. With the valuable financial education and prayer, she received in the financial classes, Fatima was able to support her family. She quickly became the main source of over-the-counter medication for her community. 

Thankfully, she was able to occasionally visit her husband at the prison. God was at work there too. Fatima told us that her husband was doing well and that he was doing the work of God. Longino took this time to evangelize to many of the other prisoners. As many as 30 had confessed the salvation of Jesus and given their life to him. When Katia visited last summer, Fatima referenced the story of Joseph to describe the situation. “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today”. – Genesis 50:20. God was using this hard time for good, both for Fatima and for Longino. Fatima held firmly to hope. 

MicrosoftTeams image 22 God Makes a WayDespite her hope and faith in the Lord, Fatima was faced with another problem. Longino went to court and the judge sentenced him to five years in prison. Fatima went to make an appeal, but the cost of a lawyer was extremely high. She didn’t have that kind of money. Miraculously, God provided for Fatima. One week after she started the appeal process, praying that God would provide the money, she received a call from the prison. They told her to come to the prison with her ID and some clothes for Longino. He was going home. 

Today, Longino is home and working again, and Fatima gives thanks to God. Fatima’s pulperia is closed for now, but the near empty display cases serve as a testament to the faithfulness of God and Fatima’s resilience.