Today’s encouraging story comes from our sites in Costa Rica.

We have known Ana for almost 10 years. She started attending a microfinance group in 2014 and noticed something different about the SI staff people. “When my sister passed away, they [SI staff members Cindy & Diana] came and were with me at the funeral and throughout the process. This showed me how much they cared, and this motivated me to keep coming.” As Ana became more involved, she learned about other SI programs such as the Tutoring Center and the Creative Arts Workshop. As she told her family about the various opportunities, her family members started attending SI ministry sites as well. Several of her grandchildren have faithfully attended the Tutoring Center throughout elementary school. Nieces have taken guitar lessons. Her grandson is involved in the Creative Arts Workshop, and even her mom has taken painting classes. When asked why she comes, Ana says, “I enjoy learning new things. I never thought I would be able to crochet, and now after coming to the classes I’m able to turn the yarn into something beautiful. I also enjoy attending the Bible Studies to learn from the different perspectives of the other ladies and to grow closer to God.”
MicrosoftTeams image God is Moving Through Generations

Ana has set an example for her family of striving to learn new things and of continuing to grow in her relationship with Jesus. Life is not always easy, but being part of the community she has built through her involvement with SI has helped Ana as she faces the many challenges life has brought her way. Ana not only has helped her family take advantage of the opportunities that SI offers but has also demonstrated what it is like to faithfully and joyfully follow Jesus.  What a privilege it is to walk with Ana as she impacts her family and community!

MicrosoftTeams image 1 God is Moving Through Generations

How cool is it that we get to see generations of one family impacted by the gospel! Pray with us that God would continue to use these ministry sites to bring glory to His name and bring life long change to the hearts of those that attend the sites.

Grateful for you,
The SI Team