There is massive flooding happening in Costa Rica right now. Desamparados has experienced more rain recently than they have in the last several years. Some say more than the last 100 years! This has caused flooding and damage around the area and has affected many of the participants in Ministry Sites.

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Gaby is a teen-age mother who has been coming to the Casa Verde site off and on for about 10 years. She and several family members lived in small home on the banks of a river. In one of our recent rain storms a flash flood enveloped the house, causing them to lose their home and all of their belongings. Immediately after the storm Gaby, her baby, and the rest of the family were relocated to a local shelter.

A group of women fromthe Women’s Health and Fitness site Bible Study heard about what had happened to Gaby and her family. They were moved with compassion and decided to look for ways to help. They organized donations of clothes, food, diapers, household items and so much more for Gaby, whom they had never met. Our staff was able to deliver the donations to Gaby and her family, who were overwhelmed with gratitude.a6104c2b 11a1 e4df 783e b34060e7d97d God is Good Even in the Midst of a Disaster

In the last few weeks, Gaby and her family have been able to move into a small house. Thanks to some of the donations, they were able to make their small house a home. During this adversity Gaby continues to study and to find ways to provide for her son.

Join us in praising God for the generosity of these women who despite their own challenges gave so generously to this family in need. Join us in praying that there would not be further flooding in Desamparados and that the families who have been affected would be able to get back on their feet.