In the Boys and Girls Club SI staff member Juan Centeno has dreamed about having a small group of community members that would come to learn woodworking. As we have emerged from the pandemic the dream has become a reality, but it looks a little different than anticipated. It does involve wood, however the community members come to paint the small decorative wood items that Juan prepares for them. And instead of being young men form the community that Juan anticipated, it is a group full of women. While it is not what we expected it has been a blessing to both the Boys and Girls Club as well as the ladies of Las Fuentes.
Here is what Marisol one of the ladies who regularly attends had to say about her experience:
“It has been wonderful to be part of this group. First, because I love being able to paint the wood and the variety of projects, especially in comparison to what other places have to offer. I look forward to going as I get to learn something new, which is an opportunity that a lot of women don’t have. Going has been good for me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. On a personal note, going to the Boys and Girls club has been a light in my life. The months before I started going my grandmother, whom I had lived with my whole life, passed away. The pain and sadness were overwhelming. My sister found out about the wood working at the Casa Verde and told me I should go. So, I enjoy going and my house is full of decorations that I have made. I’m grateful to Juan and the Casa Verde for opening up this opportunity for me.”
MicrosoftTeams image God Doesn't Always Work in the Way We Would Expect
God is using the Boys and Girls Site woodworking class in a totally different way than what staff members expected and He is on the move! There is live change happening in some pretty incredible ways. Join us in praying that God would continue to make an impact in the community through this woodworking class.
Grateful for you,
The SI Team