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One of our outstanding programs at Students International is Global Bridge. Unlike a traditional “Gap Year”, which takes a full break from college, Global Bridge students earn a full year of college credit while living and serving in the Dominican Republic. Students enroll in online classes while they are serving, ministering, and mentoring in the Dominican. It’s a great way to discover your passion, earn college credit, and find your calling, all while engaging in hands-on ministry.

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What Is a Gap Year?

According to Gap Year Association, a gap year is “A semester or year of experiential learning, typically taken after high school and prior to career or post-secondary education, in order to deepen one’s practical, professional, and personal awareness.”

Instead of going straight to college after high school, a gap year is a semester where students can take a year off to discover themselves. Gap year programs are very helpful for students, giving them life experiences that inform their career choices and that prepare them to succeed in college.

On a Bridge year, students also spend a year traveling and serving away from a traditional college campus, but they also earn college credit during their experience.  Global Bridge students experience all the benefits of a gap year without falling behind in college and they usually save money in the process!! A Gap Year puts you behind.  The Global Bridge gets you ahead!

Why do the Global Bridge instead of a Gap Year?

The Global Bridge provides an opportunity for personal growth, cultural immersion, and meaningful service. Students who participate in the program often return with a deeper understanding of themselves, the world, and their place within it.

For students, it is a chance to step outside their comfort zone and engage with new cultures, languages, and perspectives. This exposure can foster empathy, resilience, and adaptability – skills that are invaluable in life. Moreover, students gain hands-on experience in fields like education, healthcare, community development, and more, experiences that guide their career paths.

The communities served by the Global Bridge also benefit. The work done by our students helps respond to critical needs, such as teaching English, building infrastructure, or providing healthcare. These contributions make a lasting community impact.

The Global Bridge is a unique opportunity for personal, professional, and spiritual growth while serving others

Global Bridge Quick Hits

The Global Bridge helps you enter adulthood with your faith on a firm foundation.
You’ll grow through intensive discipleship, mentoring, hands-on ministry and living in Christian community.

You know God is calling you to make a difference in the world, but you’re not sure what that means. Which skills does God want you to use? What are your passions and interests? How can you serve others? These are important life questions that the Global Bridge will help you answer. Our mentors guide you through a variety of vocational ministry experiences. As you serve others in cross cultural contexts, we’ll help you process these experiences and figure out what they say about God’s calling for your life.

Your time in ministry helps you develop close relationships with Dominicans, learn about their dynamic communities and gain real hands-on vocational skills.

  • Explore your calling
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Learn and grow through personal mentorship

Examples of ministry opportunities include:

  • Women’s Social Work
  • Health Care
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Sports
  • Education

The Global Bridge gives you the time and experience you need to develop a clear direction while giving you an affordable head start on college.
On the Global Bridge you will:

  • Gain clarity for your passions and skills
  • Earn a year’s worth of college credit that will transfer to any other school
  • Pay prices comparable to four-year public in-state universities and significantly less than most private Christian universities
  • Further reduce costs through financial aid and fundraising

As a Global Bridge student, enroll in online courses and earn college credit through Crown College’s School of Online Studies.

Crown College is:

  • A fully accredited Christian liberal arts college (your Crown credits will transfer anywhere)
  • Ranked within the nation’s top 15% of colleges by Money Magazine
  • Ranked among the nation’s Top Online Programs
  • Ranked in the Top 10 Online Christian Colleges
  • Ranked 2nd in the nation for colleges providing missions training

Do you want to make the most of the Global Bridge? Participate in the program for two years and earn an Associates Degree from Crown College.

Crown’s fully-accredited degrees include:

  • Business (A.S.)
  • Christian Ministry (A.S.)
  • General Studies  (A.A.)
  • Global & Cultural Studies (A.A.)
  • Human Services (A.S.)
  • Psychology (A.S.)

Beginning in October: Rolling Admissions (Deposit due upon acceptance)

April 30: Application deadline


  • Apply to Crown College School of Online Studies
  • Pre-departure tasks (fundraising, forms, mentor meetings)

June 1: Full deposit due

July: Virtual team orientation meetings

July 15: Flight booked & Pre-departure documents due

August 1: Payment due

August: Pre-departure tasks & packing

Mid-late August: Arrive in Santiago

Week 1: Orientation and Team building

September – December:

  • Ongoing: 3 wks language school, 3 wks ministry sites.
  • Crown College Fall courses

Early December: Debriefing

Early December – Mid-January: Christmas break; Return to the U.S.

Mid-January: Return to Santiago; Re-orientation

January – May:

  • Ongoing: 3 wks language school, 3 wks ministry sites.
  • Crown College Spring courses

Mid-Semester: Spring break


  • Debriefing
  • Return to the U.S.

What is Students International?
Students International (SI) is a mission and community development organization with operations in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. SI’s passion is to provide students with opportunities to volunteer in ministry and service sites that are related to their personal academic and vocational interests. These experiences are transformative spiritually, academically, vocationally and personally while simultaneously focusing on Christ-centered ministry through our long-standing presence within the local communities. SI currently has over 60 staff ministering in four different countries. We partner annually with around 100 groups to provide short-term mission opportunities to over 1,000 students and adults. Academically, we have worked for nearly 15 years providing semester study abroad programs in conjunction with Christian colleges across the country.

Where will I live?
You will live near Santiago for much of your time on the Global Bridge. You will live in community with other participants at the Global Bridge base house located on a nine-acre operating tropical farm. The base is within walking distance or short driving distance of most ministry sites. During language school weeks, you will stay in carefully-selected host homes in the town of Jarabacoa.

What are some examples of weekend excursions?
To broaden your experience of the DR as a country full of diverse communities, majestic natural beauty and fascinating historical and cultural landmarks, a number of excursions are built into the Global Bridge. Students are required to participate in group excursions. Our travel schedule is subject to change, but trips generally occur about once a month and frequent destinations include:

  • Colonial City, Santiago
  • 27 Waterfalls in Puerto Plata
  • Historical Landmarks
  • Beaches, hikes, camping, snorkeling, white water rafting and more

How will I pay for the program?
Airfare and in-country expenses are paid directly to Students International. You may raise support for this portion of your costs, and SI provides instruction in developing a team of financial and prayer supporters. Tuition is paid directly to Crown College. You may be eligible for federal and state aid, and Crown’s Financial Aid Office will guide you through the process. Because Crown offers competitively priced tuition (which is further reduced for the Global Bridge program), students are not eligible for institutional grants or scholarships.

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