This week’s interview story comes from a woman that has been consistently attending the Women’s Social Work Site in Guatemala for awhile now. A woman that has found joy, passion and meaning while attending the weekly gatherings.
Her name is Glendy.
WhatsApp Image 2023 04 28 at 15.48.21 Glendy is Flourishing in a Way She Never Knew was Possible
What is your favorite part about the Women’s Social Work Site?
It has given us so many opportunities to make our own money, learn how to sew, have a community of other women, and learn from the devotionals that are taught every day. My son and I enjoy our time here every week. My favorite part about the social work site is being able to come and sew, learn from the other women, and make my own projects. Before coming to the site it was my dream to be able to sew and make dresses. This site makes it possible to pursue my dream.
What kind of difficulties have you faced while being in the site?
It is often hard to balance my personal struggles with working here, but every time I come and listen to the devotional, it helps fix my eyes on God and keep going little by little. My husband was sick for a while and we had problems with my dad, so I was a blessing to have the encouragement of those at the site in order to get through those things.
What has been your motivation to continue even when things get hard?
I am working in order to create a better future for my son. He is my inspiration.
What has changed in your own life since coming to the site?
I have improved both economically and spiritually since coming to the site. I have been able to make my own money and have been able to support my family while being impacted by each devotional and time of prayer that we have. I enjoy the devotionals so much because it’s different than church. It’s different in in the way that we can be very personal with each other, and have a trusting environment.
How cool is it that we get to hear the little details on how God uses something like sewing to change a woman’s life?! Join us in prayer that God would continue to work in the lives of those that attend the weekly Social Work gatherings.
Grateful for you,
The SI Team