371 Getting to Know... Suzanne Bidwell
Suzi Bidwell with two Guatemalan friends

Where are you from?
I am from Woodlake, California.

Describe your role with Students International
I am a retired school teacher. I have found that retirees are such a great resource for missions. We have all the training, and now we have time. I volunteer with the International Service Center in the area of Human Resources. Mainly, I help with on-boarding new staff. I also love to lead short-term trips whenever I get the chance!

How did you first get involved with SI?
Soon after Dave Hansen began working with Students International, back in 2006, he recruited my husband and me to come on an outreach. We were hooked! I’ve always had a heart for the mission field, and SI has been a great organization to get involved with.

Do you have a favorite verse from the Bible? Or a favorite story from it?
Yes, my favorite verses are Jeremiah 29:11-13, and my favorite stories are about King David. Because he was such a flawed character, yet he kept seeking the Lord. God used him and loved him, and that encourages me.

Have you read any good books lately? Any you would recommend?
My favorite authors are Philip Yancey, Max Lucado and Tim Keller. I recently read a powerful book by N.T. Wright, Surprised by Hope. It is all about how God is currently in the process of renewing creation that began with Jesus’ resurrection and how we must anticipate the eventual renewal by working for God’s kingdom in the wider world, bringing healing and hope in the present life… exactly the mission of Students International!