311 Getting to know... Silvio Martinez
Silvio Martinez

Where are you from?
I´m from Nicaragua.

Where do you work/Describe your ministry site:
I work in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic and my site is the Physical Therapy and Rehab Center. I am a Physical Therapist, and I see patients with many different physical disorders (including musculoskeletal, orthopedic, and neurological disorders) that impede motor function. Before coming to therapy, patients are evaluated by a doctor who indicates treatment, then I begin implementing the treatment plan through therapy sessions. Many patients have passed through the clinic and received care that restores their motor function. I also am working alongside our Special Education Center, Genesis, giving therapy to children with various disabilities and developing gross motor skills in children with Down Syndrome. I have also visited patients with paralysis who cannot leave their homes because of their physical condition. In addition to giving physical therapy treatment, I try to make each person feel loved by God and share His word with them.

How long have you been working with SI?
I have been working with SI for five months, entering February 2013.

What is your favorite part of your work?
My favorite part of my work is when God opens the door to speak to my patients about Him in just the “right” moment.

Do you have a favorite verse? What is it?
My favorite verse is Philippians 2:4,
“Each one should look not only to his on interests but to the interests of others.”
I like this verse because God tells us we should not be self-focused. Rather we must die to ourselves, and in doing so make room to see the needs of others. His word challenges me in this way.

Why did you decide to join the SI team?
I decided to join SI, because I was asked a very pointed question. The question was: “Silvio, if God took away the instrument you play, in what other way do you serve Him?” I was left without an answer, and was going through a difficult situation in my life. I went home and began to reflect, and I realized that music was not everything. I could do more – like my work in physical therapy. I could use therapy as a ministry to serve in the kingdom of God. That is when I decided to join SI – because I knew God was calling me to come to the DR – leaving behind my loved ones and just obey His call.

What is one thing you are looking forward to in your future with SI?
I look forward to the opportunity to see other PT sites open in the countries where SI works and see the ideal persons minister in those sites. I especially hope to one day serve in my home country of Nicaragua with SI using physical therapy to minister there.