The Tutoring Center started in Costa Rica about 15 years ago, this means we have the privilege of harvesting the fruits of what was planted many years ago. Tania is a beautiful young lady who used to attend the Tutoring Center as a child. Now, she is a college student, works part time at the local store, and even made sure her little niece was enrolled as soon as she started 1st grade. Here´s a little bit of her testimony:

“I started going to the Tutoring Center because my mom worked and she couldn´t help me with my 

Foto Tania From First Grade to College

homework, I was about 8 years old. I liked going to the Tutoring Center not only because Jose and Tara helped me, but because it was a fun place to be, with all the activities they planned.

I never missed Girls Club with Tara, I learned many things like cooking, crafting, and even made new friends. I loved when we had foreign students visiting, because wCarnet Tania From First Grade to Collegee grew fond of each other and learned at the same time. The activities were very entertaining, like the Tuesdays when José taught us about the Bible.

I can say that thanks to the support of the Tutoring Center, I managed to graduate from school, continued my studies in high school, and now I am in university. Without a doubt, I will always carry the Tutoring Center in my heart because it wasn’t just about doing homework but also about having fun, feeling motivated, and receiving the affection they gave me”.

Loving and motivating a child lays the foundation for their growth and success in various aspects of life. When you go on a mission trip, you are investing in a child’s emotional and motivational needs. That´s one of the biggest blessings you can give.