Today we want to share with you the story of how our Microfinance site leader Gerber Lopez, is going beyond finance to connect with people and spread the Gospel in Guatemala.

Microfinance is a site that has different programs in Guatemala, it started by giving loans to small businesses but quickly developed into more than just loans. Gerber López (the site leader) loves to make banana bread. Hence, he started a small cooking class with some women in El Tablón. He also started a savings program that gives a monthly amount for a year to save money for a particular project.

VilmaMeet Vilma, a woman from the community of El Tablón, which is 30 minutes from Magdalena, who is part of the cooking class and the savings program.
Gerber met Vilma two years ago when he invited a group of women from El Tablón to teach them how to make banana bread. Only five women showed up, Vilma included. She got very excited about the baking class and asked Gerber if he could teach them more recipes. Even though he doesn’t know much about cooking and baking, he has shared more than ten recipes with her and other women.

VilmaVilma never got married; she just started living with her partner when she was 16 years old. They have two sons, Jefferson, 12 years old, and Transito, 8 years old. Vilma supports her husband by selling food in Buena Vista and El Tablón. She specially sells food on the weekends. That is why she has been very interested to learn new recipes. Vilma does not go to church, so Gerber shares a devotional in every cooking class. Even though she listens very carefully, she has not decided to accept Jesus Christ in her heart. Help us pray so she can make the decision soon.
Recently, Vilma suffered facial paralysis, and she had a rough time after this. Thanks to God, she could have her treatment, and now she is doing so much better.

Five months ago, Gerber invited Vilma and her husband to join the savings group. They both accepted the invitation, and Gerber encouraged them to invest their money wisely whenever they receive it.
Thank God for the life of Vilma. Would you please help us pray so she can continue being part of the microfinance site and that soon she and her family will accept Jesus Christ in her heart?