An encouraging story from Guatemala.
In 2023, we initiated a sports program for girls aged 9 to 15 in El Tablón, backed by Byron Parada’s wife, Dulce. This was a significant move, breaking cultural norms deeply rooted in machismo. Traditionally, early pregnancies and household responsibilities like cooking, cleaning, and washing hindered the girls from participating in sports. Now, with our program, we’re challenging these stereotypes and creating opportunities for these young girls to flourish.
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From an academic standpoint, it’s concerning the decline in girls pursuing education beyond Junior High, with only 10 girls enrolled in high school last year. However, the initiation of a sports program in 2024 has inspired 38 girls to persist with their high school studies. We give glory to God for the impact that God has made through sports.
Our mission to foster integrative programs benefiting both boys and girls remains steadfast. Last year, we successfully engaged all children through sports with a camp in November, where both teenagers and younger girls actively participated. We’re proud of the progress, particularly noting the transformation of 12-year-old Jannet Lobos. Initially exhibit
ing aggressive behavior and language, Jannet has shown remarkable improvement since joining our sports program. Her positive change culminated in an apology for past conduct. In El Tablon community, we’ve witnessed the positive impact of our God at work and anticipate more transformative stories ahead.