As you can imagine, our ministry sites are looking very different these days. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some of the things our ministry site leaders are doing to remain connected with the community they work with. Today we’re hearing from Lily Azofeifa, co-leader at the Tutoring Center in Costa Rica. 

At the Tutoring Center, we’re staying connected with kids and parents via WhatsApp and through phone calls. As the local school district looks to adapt to the crisis, they’ve been sending homework packets via messages and emails so that the kids can print off their school work. Most of the families we work with don’t have a computer at home, let alone a printer. So we’ve stepped in and have been printing out the packets. We get everything together for the individual student and then they are able to pick up the packet through the gate.

Tutoring Center Five Loaves and Two Fish

Due to the current crisis, some of the families in our community of Los Guido lost their jobs. My heart was aching as some of the moms were telling me they don’t know how they’re going to be able to feed their children. I began praying and was asking God how we at the Tutoring Center could be of any help at this time. I specifically was praying that He would provide a way for us to assist these families.

At the same time, my church was collecting food to help some of the church families that are struggling now. I met with a couple more people at church on Tuesday morning to classify the donated food and put together some food baskets. There was so much food! Much like the boy that had five loaves of bread and two fish, I went to church with a couple of bags of rice to give, and God made a miracle! I left that day with four boxes of food that we gave to some families of our kids. What a blessing for us to show the kid´s families that they lost their income, but God is still taking care of them.