Today you get the chance to learn about the Medical Site in Nicaragua! See how God works through your support and our staff’s work.

God is eternal and shows us mercy every day. God guides the Medical site in spiritual growth and feeds our patients. This has allowed us to maintain children within the normal development despite the situation—Healthwise and economically.

A 22-year-old woman, Greysell Flores, who lives in Cocal and has a niece in our nutrition program, accepted God as her savior. We know and witness God’s work in the lives of the people in our programs.


We started the nutrition program in William Ramirez a few months ago with a small number of children. We currently have 16 children, six from Piedra Quemada and the rest from William Ramirez. At El Faro, where our clinic is located, we have another group of children from the communities of El Cocal and Valle de Volcan. We have a group of 14 children and five getting ready to start. In our chronic patient program, we have 12 patients and three who are beginning.


As our program grows, we reach a more significant number, share the gospel, and educate about nutrition and health in the communities. We are grateful for God’s love and care for his children. Would you please pray for wisdom to continue to serve and lead people to Christ by expressing the love of God?

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