Today we want to share a story of the impact the Appropriate Technology site in Guatemala has had on Joel and Anabela’s family.

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Read the story and see a wonderful example of a family helping family!

ATEarlier this year, the Appropriate Technology site had to make some changes to start a small welding school for young men in the communities. Carlos and Kevin have the heart for reaching young men who dropped out of school and did not have any skills to join the workforce. Carlos used to own his welding and metalworking shop; he understands what these young kids need to learn and how it can positively impact their future. They are taking young men who lack a sense of self-worth and are teaching them valuable skills to help them get employment.

One of their students, Joel, 14, had an excellent opportunity to use what he was learning in the welding school to bless his family. His mother, Anabela, is a part of one of the stove projects that Carlos and Kevin lead. As a part of this program, Anabela attends group discipleship and makes payments to cover a small piece of a fuel-efficient wood-burning stove and a water filter. At the same time, SI subsidizes the remaining amount of the cost. Joel recently learned how to cut and weld the stovetops that we use with our stoves. He was able to fabricate the stovetop for the furnace installed in his family’s house. He had the joy of working with Carlos and Kevin to install the stove and stovetop for his mom.

ATThere was joy and purpose to his work, and he loved being able to serve his family. He prays that he can continue to build a better relationship with his father. The welding school has helped Joel show his dad that he can learn a skill and use it to benefit others.

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