Linzy is the world’s sweetest 14-year-old girl.  She lives in Guatemala and the SI family has helped care for her through our Child Sponsorship program since she was 5 years old.

This past June, Linzy was suffering through anxiety and depression.  This had been a struggle for her for a while, but she’d just started having acute anxiety attacks.  It was beginning to affect her daily life. She felt confused and overwhelmed.  Her Ministry Site leader was eager to help however she could, so they started meeting one on one.

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Sweet Linzy was dealing with major trials in her life: the passing of her grandfather who was like a father to her; her parents having problems in their marriage; classmates judging her appearance.

For young girls like Linzy it’s so easy to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.  Even when we don’t fully realize it, it’s a spiritual battle. It’s never easy for her to ask for help and we’re thankful God gave Linzy the courage to reach out.  She’s a fighter!

A few months later an opportunity came along for Linzy that would change her life.

SI Guatemala recently partnered with Costa Rica to send some of our Guatemalan students to travel there and serve in an outreach.  Linzy was THRILLED to be selected for this trip.

It was AWESOME!  You already know God does breakthrough-level work in the hearts of students, but this time there was a twist.  The student used to being served through SI got an opportunity to serve WITH SI God touched Linzy’s heart in a special way.

In a connection only God can make Linzy ministered to a woman who’s daughter was struggling through many similar trials.  Linzy comforted and encouraged this woman, but it also helped Linzy reflect on her own life in a new way.