dr 119 DR Staff News

We are excited to announce that we have two new couples that have committed to serve with SI here in the DR. Jayson and Lindsay York and their three children plan to join us the middle of August. Jayson will be working on Funds Development here in the DR. Hans and Jami Miller and their two young boys will be joining us in February of 2011. Hans will working in our construction site and helping with maintenance around the base and at ministry sites. Jami has a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Development and has been trained to be a coach to other teachers. Pray for these two families as they fund raise and prepare to transition to life in the DR.

In April two of our staff, Rudy and Yajairia, were married here at the SI base. We pray blessings on Rudy and Yajairia as they continue to serve SI together.

In April we also took our staff to Haiti to help in one of the tent communities of Port-au-Prince that has developed since the earthquake. This was a great experience for each one of us to step out of our comfort zone, to be reminded what it is like for the teams we host when they come to the DR, and to minister to those who had lost so much in the earthquake. It is amazing that as we serve, God uses what we give and He multiples it over and over again to bless others. Thanks again for your support and investment into the lives of so many here in the Dominican Republic.

dr 118 DR Staff News