Although our work is looking much different for us now amid this worldwide pandemic, we continue finding ways to serve God in the communities to bring light and hope. Today’s story comes from our Microfinance Site in Nicaragua. We love seeing God turning hardships into blessings!

Covid-19 has taken longer to get to Nicaragua, but it is finally here. Factual information is hard to come by here, so we have taken measures to help educate those that we work with. We are teaching people to wash their hands properly, giving them masks to use during the meetings and to take home in case they come in contact with other people. We are only gathering the ladies every two weeks and in smaller groups.

Nicaragua May 15 2 copy Double Blessings in Nicaragua

We continue to provide financial classes for the ladies, and they all have been excited about what they have learned. We have had several different talks regarding savings. Now that the crisis has hit, many had already started their savings program. Now they can tap into their savings during the economic downturn. Even some that are experiencing financial hardship are still working hard to contribute to their savings, as they see the value in being consistent.

We are providing face masks for the ladies that come to the meetings. The best part about it? They are made from a sewing group that started through the microfinance program! So, it has served as a double blessing. It is now a source of income for some of the ladies and is also providing an important resource for the rest of the group members.

Nicaragua May 15 3 copy Double Blessings in Nicaragua

We continue to pray through the work that we are doing in microfinance. We are evaluating the economic situation of each participant, and we are refinancing, or readjusting the terms to meet the present circumstances of their financial situations. The ladies still enjoy gathering together, as there is emotional support during these difficult times, and they don’t mind sitting 3 feet apart. We continue to evaluate all that is happening and pray that God provides the opportunities to continue to be light and bring hope.