On January 26th, a new Students International preschool was opened in the rural mountain community of Los Higos. Each day, twelve preschoolers dressed in red and blue uniforms excitedly wait for their teacher to arrive. At the preschool, the children are given a solid educational and spiritual foundation that will prepare them for success when they enter public school. Next year these twelve children will advance to preschool level two and twelve new children will enter level one, bringing the preschool’s total enrollment to twenty-four.

Students International has been working in Los Higos, a community of 650 people, for six years. Other S.I. ministries in the community include social work and a women’s center. Out of these ministries a church was born. The church is growing and has become autonomous.  

Pray for the new preschool, the social work site, and the women’s center. Pray that as we work in partnership with the church, the community of Los Higos will continue to experience the transforming power of God.