169 Dominican Republic: A Season of Transition
Hans and Jami Miller, with their two boys, have recently joined our SI-DR family

While the face of SI DR is undergoing construction the Lord has blessed us with a smooth transition. It is amazing to watch the hand of God move and see His mighty power at work among our staff taking what could be stressful and disastrous and making it into something beautiful and harmonious.

The past few months have been wonderful! In April a few outreach participants were baptized at the waterfall, our staff retreat was refreshing, and we successfully kicked off our summer program in May! We’re constantly in awe of God’s power to touch the hearts of our participants where change is seen not only as they go back to the states but traces are left here. One of our semester students from last fall was so touched by the love from her host family and their desire to continue ministry with SI that she wanted to help them with the development of their home. They had said that they wouldn’t be able to continue hosting students because they were out-growing their home due to their kids getting bigger. So with the help of this semester student, money was raised and their house is seeing a makeover fit for the family and for their desire to continue in ministry. Praise God!