Have you found your life calling? Our mission is to have a long-term impact in the communities we serve, which includes helping kids develop their potential so they, too, can find their life calling.

Meet Willy, Sports Site leader in Costa Rica and learn about how he is making an impact through sports!

My name is Willy, and I grew up in San Miguel, Desamparados, with my mom and siblings. I love working with children and young people and am thankful to be working within my calling of seeing all discover their true calling in Christ Jesus.

In January 2019, I began serving with Students International in the Sports and Recreation Site. We help the community schools with sports for elementary students. We also visit families to get to know and understand them better. On Fridays, we also run a Boys’ Club, a place to talk, be a friend, and grow spiritually.

Currently, we work with students up to 6th grade. I want to continue to invest in these relationships as the students graduate from elementary school to high school (from 6th to 7th). It is our wish to keep up the connection and see the students mature and grow. Please be praying as we make plans to begin working with high school students.