Ministry Site Prayer & Donation List

Dominican Republic (Jarabacoa)

Thank you for your willingness to donate items to the ministry of SI-DR. In our relationships with the nationals here in Jarabacoa, we are intentional about not fostering dependency in our giving and also in treating those we minister to with dignity and respect. To this end, we have a few simple guidelines that we would like to suggest as you consider your donations. First, we ask that all donations be given through the site leader. We collect donations in the donation room when you first arrive, where they are logged into our system. Once items are cataloged we attempt to have them out to the site leader within the first day or two of your outreach. Our site leaders know best how to distribute or use these items please trust their judgment. Please label your donation if you would like them to go to a specific site. If they are not labeled we will distribute items to where they are needed the most. To better aid you in choosing donations, we have a site specific donations list that is updated according to the needs of the sites. We know that you have worked hard to raise support and have to consider the cost of bringing donations in bags that cost you extra luggage fees. It is perfectly understandable that you need to consider if the value of the item you are bringing exceed the cost of bringing the item to the DR. You may want to peruse the donation list and pick your top 10 items to collect since the list is fairly extensive. Another suggestion could be to ask each outreach participant on your team to collect some specific items for the ministry site they will be working in from the list of donation suggestions. If donating used items please be sure that they are gently used (in good to excellent condition). If clothing or household linens, please be sure they are free of rips, tears, or stains, that all zippers work and that buttons are in tack. All cosmetics and personal hygiene items should be very gently used to new in condition. Some types of cosmetics go bad or can foster bacteria growth after a period of time and will not be able to be distributed. Please consider the culture you are giving to. For example, items that are in English or that are specific to cold weather climates may be more useful at a local charity in your home town. When packing donations, please pack liquids in a bag that seals well and be certain to wrap breakable items in protective packing material. Be sure to place both of these types of items in the center of the suitcase where they will be less prone to leakage or breakage. Again, we are so blessed by your generosity. Our ministry sites continue to run smoothly because of your willingness to partner with us!