Chato was a little boy when he started coming to the Tutoring Center in Los Guido. He confesses he was not very interested in studying, and gave Tara and Jose, our former teachers, a hard time. He loved the games, the trips, and the fun activities they had at the Tutoring Center. He found a safe place where he could study, play, and be himself.

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Ten years have gone by, and Chato is now a smart, diligent young man about to finish High School. He has the same contagious smile and the same sweet personality. The Tutoring Center is open one evening a week so that High School students can come and study with us. For the most part youth who grew up attending the Tutoring Center come to study mostly math and English and to be in a place where they are loved. So, Chato comes to the Tutoring Center once a week to work study with Lily. Chato is a believer but has struggled with his faith in the last few years. Staying in school, specially during COVID, has been quite a challenge, he has wondered several times if it´s worth it. But he´s almost at the finish line, now more motivated for the future and dreaming of going to college.

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Throughout the years, the Tutoring Center has been the support for kids and young people like Chato, a place that not only helps them with their homework, but more importantly, a place where they feel love, support and encouragement as they navigate school and life challenges. What a blessing it is to watch Chato grow and become the man God wants him to be!

Grateful for you,
The SI Team