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Together, we have the power to make a meaningful difference, brightening the path to a more radiant future for these kids.

Child Sponsorship + Education

Child Sponsorship and Education is a program that seeks the integral development of the child and teenager. This program is transforming young lives Magdalena’s communities. We’re thrilled to be nurturing their cognitive and spiritual growth. From supplementary classes to weekly tutoring sessions, we’re helping kids grasp tricky topics and advance their learning. We also have Bible lessons tailored for different ages that speak about Christian values and self-esteem. Parents of our students also receive discipleship as we believe the greatest changes happen within the household.  

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With a donation of $35/month one student will receive a partial scholarship for tuition fees, school supplies, shoes, tutoring, discipleship, access to medical care, and psychological support.

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Seeing sponsored children, their families, and students transformed by Christ promoting the holistic development for the benefit of them and their community valuing their educative process.

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To evangelize, restore, and equip the sponsored children and their surroundings, developing their talents and abilities in order to achieve full development in all areas of their lives.


In Guatemala, especially in rural communities, education is not highly valued. Because of the poverty in these communities, education is a luxury.

Many children, due to scarce resources and lack of encouragement, drop out of school after 6th grade. The sponsorship program exists to share Christ and help lighten the financial burden of education for the families. We also come alongside them to encourage them and their parents about the importance of education and give them hope for a better future.

We do not pay for all of the education costs as we do not want to create a culture of dependency. We also want the parents to realize that the money they spend on their child’s education is valuable. We not only want the parents to invest financially in their child´s education, but emotionally as well.

Children tend to go further in school if they have the support of their family and not just the program.

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Please pray for us as we work for the Kingdom of God taking His vision to transform the community. Pray God will be glorified through the fruits of our labor. Please also consider financially supporting us in this ministry.

Thank you!

Got Questions?

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The monthly sponsorship amount is $35 and is tax deductible.

Each sponsored student will receive a partial scholarship for tuition fees, school supplies, shoes, tutoring, discipleship, access to medical care, and psychological support.

As each of our students go through their schooling the price of their supplies and education increases. For this reason, some students need more than one sponsor to support their needs. Most elementary students need 1 sponsor, middle school needs 2 sponsors, and high school needs either 3 or 4 sponsors. However, we do have a few special cases where students need more support than normal due to their circumstances.  

Sponsoring a child through SI does not provide the child with a full tuition scholarship. The guardians of the children are responsible for paying a portion of the child’s fees that encourages commitment and reinforces the value of their education. 

Gifts to SI qualify as charitable contributions and are generally tax-deductible though your own financial situation will affect deductibility. You should consult your tax advisor about specific situations.

You will receive a handwritten letter from your student three times a year. You will also receive a general Child Sponsorship Newsletter quarterly. If you ever had questions about your student, you can always contact the site leaders at

Yes! To write to your sponsored child, please write the child’s name and the ministry site on the back of the envelope. Mail the letter to:


Students International
Apartado Postal #155
El Correo
03001 Antigua Guatemala, CA

You may also send a letter by emailing And we will print it out for your students

Unfortunately, no. There are high import taxes and restrictions by foreign governments that make it difficult for SI to receive packages, money or gifts in the field. You can, however, send small, flat non-valuable items with a letter or card at any time and our staff will deliver them to your sponsored child. If you are interested in a birthday present or a special gift you may send money to our offices in California with a note specifying what you would like for your sponsored child. That money will be forwarded on to the sponsorship director and they can buy a specific gift for the child.

Even though SI is in five countries, we currently have a child sponsorship program in Guatemala.

Students International works through various ministry sites in order to impact the entire family. We not only want to reach the children for Christ, but their parents as well. Thus, part of the sponsorship funds go towards our other sites and their activities.


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