In 2009, the Costa Rica Boys and Girls Club site began. It had a different name and location back then, but the mission and vision has remained the same…

“a safe place for people to come learn about God, each other and themselves.”

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The Costa Rican Staff has had the privilege of seeing some of the young children that were a part of the club in 2009, grow up and have families of their own that are growing to know Jesus.

When Mario was 11 years old, he started attending the Boys and Girls Club. He grew up playing soccer and participating in activities at the site. As he got older, he joined the scholarship and work training program. He now works as an electrician and has a beautiful family with 3 daughters that are growing up learning about their Lord and Savior, Jesus. April, Mario’s second daughter, is 6 years old and is an active member of the club. She is an absolute joy to have around and she loves hearing stories about how her father grew up learning and playing at the same site.

Cailah Pritchard, the Boys and Girls Club site leader says, “I count it such a special gift to be able to not only know, but participate in the lives of now multiple generations that have been part of our programs in Las Fuentes at the Boys and Girl’s Club. It’s heartwarming and such a testimony to God’s faithfulness and His work in these families, showing their appreciation for our time spent with them by wanting their children to be a part of it too.”

It is so exciting that relationships are being built through multiple generations and families. Would you join us in prayer that these activities at the club would continue to lead children and their families to Jesus and that their lives would be transformed.