The beginning of 2021 looks much different than in previous years. However, we are blessed to continue finding ways to serve God in the communities to bring light and hope. Today we are celebrating with our Education Site in Nicaragua!

Can you believe it? We are celebrating seven years of working with children at the ABC Education Site. Over these years, there have been many changes, and we find so many reasons to celebrate this date.

Education Site 1
Photo taken pre-COVID-19

The Education Site began on March 13, 2014, with a school reinforcement program for children with learning difficulties in mathematics, Spanish, and Biblical Studies (which minister to their spiritual lives). These have taken place in two communities, called Valle del Volcan and Cocal.
The education site has the slogan ABC, which means A – Aprender (Learn), B – Bendecir (Bless), and C – Compartir (Share).

Today, Friday, March 12, we will be having a great party with all the site children to thank God for His faithfulness over the last seven years. We are super excited and are celebrating with an array of activities, including a piñata, cake, snacks, competitions, and even videos showing the site’s history, to name a few.
Would you like to celebrate the progress of the Education site with us? Join us in giving glory to God for His work in the lives of these children and their families!

In the beginning


30 children registered Registration has now more than doubled with 75 children.
We had a group of 15 children in each community. We have five groups of 15 children from both communities.
We used the children’s houses, and churches in the community to receive classes. We have a big classroom to host the children from each community.
The children carried their chairs from their home, and used them at the table to do their homework in class. We have 12 tables with chairs for them to enjoy their classes.
We lacked materials for classes for the children. We have a small library and teaching materials that teams have donated for the classes.
We had no bathroom for the children, teachers or visitors to use. We have 2 bathrooms available for those who need it.
We had to wait patiently to obtain permission from the authorities in public school, and then work with them. We work with 2 public schools where children attend, and we have permission to visit and support them.
There were few people we knew in the communities. We know and keep good relationships with the children’s families, pastors, and community leaders.
We were building relationships with parents. We have organized the parents into a committee to support the activities of the site.
We had to wait 3 years to see the kids promoted to high school. Approximately 10 children are promoted to high school each year.
Education Site 2
Photo taken pre-COVID-19
Education Site 3
Photo taken pre-COVID-19

What do you think? There are many reasons to celebrate this 7th year. Indeed, God is good! Psalm 73:1.
We are grateful to God and all the people who have supported us in many ways – it has truly enabled us to reach where we are today.
Thank you very much, friends, for your prayers, time, words of encouragement, work with us on the Education Site, financial support, and much more. We love you!!!


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