Health Care

3 Years, 3 People, 3 Stories

Today we get a glimpse of how the Physical Therapy site in Nicaragua has been growing thanks to the work of the people it serves. Paul Beeghly shares from his experience: Serving with SI Nicaragua over the past three years, I have been impacted by how service-oriented and...

Feeding Mouths and Souls

Today you get the chance to learn about the Medical Site in Nicaragua! See how God works through your support and our staff’s work. God is eternal and shows us mercy every day. God guides the Medical site in spiritual growth and feeds our patients. This has allowed...

Beyond Medicine

Have you heard about Operation Rebuild SI? We’re grateful for counting on people like you! Today, we want to share with you why we need your help: We had almost no teams last year, and this summer, 75% of our teams –over 900 students– had to cancel their missions...

Long-Lasting Relationships through Physical Therapy

One of the challenges of PT ministry is the short time period to build deep relationships with patients. The goal of outpatient PT is to work with the patient until they are independent, which ideally occurs in a few weeks before discharge. In this pediatric setting, I will have the opportunity for long term ministry with each patient. Most of these children will benefit from physical therapy for years, not weeks. And I not only get to build relationships with the children, but also with their parents and siblings.

The Face of Long-Term Ministry

When I close my eyes, I can still see his smiling wrinkled face. And it is his face that comes to mind when I envision the meaning of "long-term ministry." God reunites with his children in many different ways; sometimes, it is instant, through a sermon or street evangelism, but a lot of the time it's through long term investment.

New Ways of Serving Others

Who would have thought that the world as we know it would change in such drastic ways this year; that it would force us to learn new ways of living, serving, and relating.... As you guys may already know, I am a missionary doctor, which means that I have different ways of serving in medicine. I have the opportunity to show Jesus to our patients, the doctor of doctors, and the medicine par excellence of our lives.

God's Love, Gospel, and Peace through Virtual Health Care

Our work as missionaries and ambassadors of Christ is to share His love, His gospel, and peace that transcends all understanding. For some of us, this means visiting a member of the community, installing a water filter, and then sharing a cup of coffee as we talk about Jesus and His overwhelming love. In our case, sharing that love and hope means having our patients' afflictions, whether severe or mild, be both physically and spiritually healed.

A helping hand builds relationships

Today's story comes from our Health Care Site Staff in Santiago, April, Brenda, and Jhanna, who continue building relationships with those in need. "Thank you. It truly was the Lord that brought us together. I needed this." These were the sincere words a woman that lives alone in Quinigua said to us as we handed her a food basket...

A Celebration in Heaven!

One of the goals for the health care site in Nicaragua is to have a devotional time with the community members who visit the clinic. Each day looks different, but they often read the bible and pray together. Today we want to share an incredible story that happened...

Celebrating One Year at the Medical Site in Quinigua

Today we’re hearing a story from April Ether, a heath care site leader in Santiago. Yesterday, our newest medical site in Santiago celebrated its first anniversary. In the first nine months of operation, we served over 1,200 patients! As we rejoice in all that the Lord has done with us...