Take the bridge to a life calling

Find your way by serving others


You know God is calling you to make a difference in the world, but you’re not sure what that means. Which skills does God want you to use? What are your passions and interests? How can you serve others? These are important life questions that the Global Bridge will help you answer. Our mentors guide you through a variety of vocational ministry experiences. As you serve others in cross cultural contexts, we’ll help you process these experiences and figure out what they say about God’s calling for your life.

Don’t waste your life wondering what to do next.
Take the bridge and find your way while serving others.

Hands-On Experience

Your time in ministry helps you develop close relationships with Dominicans, learn about their dynamic communities and gain real hands-on vocational skills.

Explore your calling
by working alongside doctors, teachers, social workers and other professionals to assist with projects that further their ministry.
Develop your leadership skills
by helping lead teams of high school and college students that volunteer on SI short-term missions programs.
Learn and grow through personal mentoring
from SI staff who provide intentional training in Christian discipleship and servant leadership.

Find your calling by serving others

Service is a major focus of the Global Bridge, and you will rotate through at least two of the following ministry sites. Make a real impact on other people’s lives while you learn more about the giftings and passions God has given you.

Take the bridge to your future.

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