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You are a committed follower of Jesus Christ and want to grow in your faith, but at times you struggle with doubt, apathy, and temptation. Will you be one of the 7 out of 10 college students who leave the church*? The Global Bridge helps you enter adulthood with your faith on a firm foundation. You’ll grow through intensive discipleship, mentoring, hands-on ministry and living in Christian community.

Don’t lose your love for serving God and others.
Take the bridge to a passionate relationship with Christ.

Living the gospel and drawing believers closer to God – this is discipleship, and it is a core component of the Global Bridge. Our discipleship includes regular Bible study, teaching, prayer and engagement with a local church. Mentoring, ministry and living in Christian community will also challenge you to deepen your faith.
We all long for someone to believe in us, a role model, an encouraging presence in our life. At SI, we recognize the role that a Christian mentor can play in your life – helping you develop a solid pattern of spiritual discipline, providing accountability, and helping you establish and achieve goals. Mentors are SI staff members – strong Christians who are passionate about pouring Christ’s love into those around them. In the fall, mentors guide you through a 3-credit ministry practicum class which includes establishing spiritual, academic, ministry, cultural and personal goals. Your mentor meets with you regularly to hold you accountable to your goals, process your experience and give you feedback on your progress in the program. In the spring, mentors guide you through workbooks designed to help you grow in your faith and in your personal and ministry skills. There is no academic credit given for the spring mentoring program.
The Global Bridge is ministry focused. Your faith will stretch and grow as you invest in the lives of others. Under the supervision of an experienced missionary, you’ll learn Christian principles for loving and serving others while you develop practical ministry skills. Find out more about SI’s ministry opportunities here.
Christian Community
Throughout your time on the Global Bridge you will live in community with a group of committed fellow believers who will offer accountability, support, encouragement and modeling for how to live out a life of faith.

*Lifeway Research

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