Today we get to learn about how things are going in Guatemala, and we are so excited to share that thanks to your support, these teenagers have been blessed and now are preparing to embark on a journey that will teach them so much!

In SI Guatemala, we have worked with teenagers of the Magdalena and El Gorrión communities. The Sponsorship program disciples and makes a difference in the lives of teenagers who are part of it. Most of these teens participate since they were kids and have been involved in other ministry sites in Guatemala, such as tutoring, education, art, and sports.


Every Friday we have girls and boys’ club, we have one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. We have a game or an activity, and then we share a message with them. This year we have focused on “decisions,” so everything we share is related to that.

Fourteen of these teenagers will be able to go on a mission trip to Costa Rica in November. They will have the opportunity to serve in SI Costa Rica for a week. All of them are excited to travel in a plane for the first time, and they are already working to have their passports ready for November. They are raising funds to pay for this trip, so they already sold food to the teams that came in June, and now they are preparing a garage sale to continue raising funds. We have seen God’s provision for these teenagers and this mission trip.

This last week, we had all the teenagers who are part of the sponsorship program attend a meeting lead by Luis and his wife, Alyssa. Luis serves in administration, and Alyssa helps from time to time with translation in the ministry. They shared a unique devotional on how to get ready for marriage and small steps they can follow to obey God in that specific area of their lives. We pray that these teenagers will make a change in their families by making Godly decisions every day.

Sponsorship 2

Please help us by praying for those going on the mission trip in November, that God can provide finances to pay for the journey and that they can also have an encounter with God while serving in Costa Rica.

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