Have you ever felt like you weren’t quite sure what you wanted to do with your life? Or maybe you feel like that now?

This was a reality for a young Nicaraguan named Ismael.

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Ismael comes from a large Nicaraguan family. And by large, we mean 11 kids large! Ismael’s father repairs shoes but there is minimal work available in his community. With eleven children,  it can be difficult to put food on the table and provide clean water, let alone pay for a quality education.

Ismael completed high school near the top of his class.  He was smart, ambitious and yearned to continue learning.  But unfortunately, his family just did not have any ability to fulfill his dream of a college education.  His ambition started to wane and hopelessness began to set in. A hopelessness all too common among the impoverished communities where Students International serves in Nicaragua.

Imagine feeling hopeless and then, God intervened in the amazing way that only He can!  You’d be on fire right?  Well, that’s what happened to Ismael.
He was so excited to do something meaningful with his life while supporting his family. The trade school seeks to help young people grow both spiritually and professionally by teaching them the word of God and how to repair different appliances.

Due to the trade school, Ismael has not only found his career path but has found a relationship with Jesus.


He is fulfilling his dream.


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Ismael isn’t the only one that has been impacted  by the school. In 2021, three trade school students graduated from the electromechanics course and are now working in the field, earning money for their families and taking care of those they love.

Our prayer is that 5 more young men and women would graduate from technical school in 2022, come to know Jesus and impact society in a positive way.
Would you join us in prayer?