This week’s newsletter comes from our field director in Costa Rica, Jeff Dixon.

I find in my role as field director it can be easy to be consumed with emergencies, challenges we face, and the things that need to be fixed or improved in our ministry. It can be easy to begin to wonder, “Are we really making an impact?” One of the parts of my job that I regularly have the privilege of doing is show people what God is doing through SI by doing a tour of our ministry sites. This allows me to zoom out and gain perspective and to answer the question, “Yes, God really is making an impact!” On a recent tour the following things stood out to and encouraged me and reminded me of the privilege it is to serve Jesus. Perhaps they will do the same for you:

I was taught the importance of the armor of God by a young boy at our Sports Site who had just finished playing soccer and studying Ephesians 6.
I watched as women and one gentleman worked out at the Women’s Health and Fitness site and expressed their gratitude for having a place and a community where they can belong.
I listened as a mom shared with me that because of her daughter’s involvement at the Tutoring Center her grades had improved dramatically. Due to recent life circumstances her daughter is unable to come now, but she expressed how much her daughter missed coming to be with her friends and studying with our staff.
I heard ladies who we have meet through various ministry sites practice their English together in English class and build newfound friendships.
I was amazed at the concentration of the women at the Women’s Social Work site as they learned various techniques in their crochet class, and then laughed with them as the room erupted in joy as they shared life together.
I enjoyed hearing from an older woman at our Boys & Girls Club about how grateful she was for an opportunity to come and teach a sewing class and pass on her knowledge to the next generation.

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It is amazing the difference that a little perspective can give and how it motivates us to continue serve those around us. Yes, God is using our staff to make an impact in the lives of those who participate in our Ministry Sites and to impact the community. Praise Jesus!