Eric Kaiser’s story is the highlight of this week’s email. Hailing from Plains, TX, he shares a story that’s sure to captivate you. His experience is a testament to the power of our AMAZING God!
IMG 5885 An Uplifting Story“I’ve participated in outreaches with Students International many times. Each time God has deepened my faith and enriched my ministry. I have seen firsthand how SI does ministry by meet people where they are and developing loving relationships while doing something together. There is power in this kind of ministry. So I began dreaming about how we could meet students in Plains, TX where they already are and show them God’s love and kindness.
After talking with my middle school son and praying about it, we decided we could play chess with middle schoolers. We approached our school administration and began dreaming. Our school welcomed us to spend quality time with their students using chess to encourage sportsmanship, strategic thinking, and a lot of laughter. We’ve found that kids are looking for connection and chess is a great way to do it.
Every Monday another pastor and I meet up at our school to play chess with 5th-8th graders. Students bring their lunch into one of the classrooms and we play! Some kids already know how to play. Others are learning for the first time. Whether learning through mini-games or full games of chess, they’re developing their skills. At the end of the semester we have a tournament and the winner goes home with a really nice chess set.
Both years we have done it, more and more kids come. They are inviting their friends to come and play. When we meet, they get snacks, chess knowledge, and a bunch of love. God is using the game of chess to capture their hearts.”
We always find it inspiring and uplifting to hear about the incredible power of God in transforming both the lives of individual students and the communities they are a part of.