The summer months have a buzz to them as teams come to serve alongside our staff on their 9 and 13-day outreaches. There are increased activities like morning devotional times and afternoons and evenings filled with exploring culture, calling, and scripture. Each summer we have a team of Summer Staff who serve in big and small ways. They serve in our ministry sites as a bridge to help outreach participants engage, and they serve our staff in many ways, assisting with the many logistics that hosting a team entails.

This summer we have also hosted our pilot Summer Study program. These students have studied Spanish, ministry, and culture. They have also served alongside our staff and Summer Staff. These students and Summer Staff bring fresh energy, vision, and excitement which is an encouragement to us, and are a key part of our team as we serve the community and the outreach participants. We are also privileged to watch them grow and be stretched during their time with us. Here is what a few of them have to say about their experience this summer:

MicrosoftTeams image 3 1 An Unforgettable Summer

“This summer in Costa Rica I have learned how to trust God in patience. He always provides everything we need. At the beginning of the summer, I was frustrated at how slow my Spanish learning seemed to be going but I just needed to wait on God and be patient. It was the same with relationships and other goals. God will give us what we need, but in his timing.” – Abby

“I’m so thankful to be able to experience and witness the love of Christ through the wonderful ladies at my (ministry) site. I was nervous when I first got here that the language barrier would limit my ability to connect with these women. However, as soon as I got here, they were so welcoming and warm as they invited me into their space and into the community that has been built over the years. I’ve been so privileged to see these strong women support each other through death and sickness.  They stand with one another in times of need. Through everything they rely on the Lord, and I hope the strength of my faith resembles theirs.” – Michaela

“God has revealed himself to me during my time in Costa Rica through the individuals I have met and the relationships I have built with them.  One of my favorite things to do is listen to their stories whether from my site leaders, women that come to the taller, or my morning bus driver.  In their stories, I have been encouraged as I see parts of God character – his forgiveness, his comfort, his faithfulness – through the ways he has worked in their lives.” – Jessica

MicrosoftTeams image 2 1 An Unforgettable Summer

We are grateful for these young men and women who have served with us during these months! God has used them as agents of transformation and is also transforming their lives. If you are wondering how you should invest your life next summer, consider joining us for a summer you will never forget.


Grateful for you,

SI Staff