Dave HansenIn thinking back over my years of serving on short-term missions, a fond memory I have is of my good friend Gale waking up to a dozen or so little chickens running across his chest and a big pig grunting nearby.  We were in Nicaragua, with about 20 other men experiencing life together for one week. For the last 12 years, I have had the privilege of helping lead men on short-term outreaches to Central America.

The three elements I hope to experience with the men are:  1) a men’s retreat type experience being stretched by God’s Word, 2) working on a service project, and 3) have our eyes opened to a new culture and part of the world. We therefore work hard, play hard, and share openly and honestly with each other. I have had wives actually say to me after such trips,  “My husband came home a new man.” We have had some father- son combinations, even some grandfather-grandsons. Age is not a limitation. Generational barriers dissolve when you are experiencing something new together in community centered around Jesus. I just returned last week from my most recent trip.  I am tired, but refreshed and renewed by being together with these men.  Our theme this year was “All In,” speaking of our commitment to Jesus and to our family (a theme that we all need to live out daily). As we celebrate another Easter season may that be your prayer. Since Jesus, being the ultimate sacrifice, gave it all for us. To Him be the glory.