As the pandemic continues and countries begin to open back up, our work in each base is looking different every week. However, we are blessed to continue finding ways to serve God in the communities to bring light and hope. Today’s story comes from our Tutoring Center in Costa Rica!

COVID-19 has unfortunately left no part of life untouched, even around the globe. While we feel the immediate consequences of job loss and sickness, we have yet to see the long-term effects, particularly in our children’s education. In Costa Rica, schools stopped meeting in person in March and are still waiting for a date to resume in-person instruction. Our Tutoring Center, staffed by Lily and Marina, is positioned to play a critical role in keeping students in Los Guido on track for academic success.

untitled 6053 On-Track for Academic SuccessStudents are currently sent a homework/lesson packet each week, including both the teaching and the assessment. Because of the overwhelming number of students in need of tutoring, there has been an ‘all hands on deck’ mentality among our staff. The Boys and Girls Club has opened up spots for tutoring, and other staff members help tutor students remotely and/or in person.





As of July, the Tutoring Center transitioned from printing out homework and tutoring via zoom to in-person tutoring sessions! Now students like 3rd grader Sofía can learn multiplication and fractions from an in-person teacher. Sofía has attended the tutoring center for the last two years and has seen tremendous improvements in her education!

untitled 5987 On-Track for Academic Success untitled 5827 On-Track for Academic Success

Lily, her teacher at the tutoring center, said, “Sofía is an amusing and energetic girl. She’s brilliant, but struggles with staying still to finish her homework! She lives with her mom, Yanin, her grandma, her aunt, and her great-grandma. It’s a house full of women! Sofía’s aunt has cerebral palsy, and her great-grandma just turned 94 years old.
Yanin, Sofia’s mom, is not only the primary caregiver in the house, but she is also a survivor herself. She was a victim of domestic violence, and she survived several health issues herself.
Even with the difficulties, Sofia and Yanin always have a positive attitude, a strong faith, and are always happy to welcome us in their house. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have much; they’ll offer you a cup of coffee and make you feel at home. We’re blessed to be part of their lives!”

We are also blessed to continue to serve the community of Los Guido and build the Kingdom of God through the Tutoring Center. Would you please pray that students like Sofia would be able to would reach their fullest potential this year? Pray that God would use education as a tool for transformation in Los Guido.