Heydi Vargas leads our Women’s Microfinance site in Costa Rica. Heydi has been on staff for two years and has cultivated a community of women that seek after the Lord’s heart while sharing each other’s burdens. Communities like San Miguel and Los Guido suffer from cycles of abuse, family dysfunction, and addiction that chain families to live within the midst of relational and systemic poverty.

Womens Microfinance Site

In Costa Rica, mothers and grandmothers are the leaders of their families. Our Women’s Microfinance site is a safe space for these women to be heard. Incredibly, our social work site is housed within the context of sewing and small business classes! This gives mothers and grandmothers a place to learn practical skills that can provide them supplemental income while receiving counselling and support from Christ-centered leaders. Heydi plays a crucial role in our ministry by empowering these women to break cycles of abuse and family dysfunction and guide their families through economic hardship compounded by the pandemic.

Please consider praying and financially partnering with Heydi as she empowers the true leaders of Los Guido and San Miguel. In particular, you can pray that the Lord might continue giving Heydi new skills through her last few months of school to finish a degree in Economic Planning and Administration.