In the community of Los Altos, Nicaragua is a woman named Doris and her 25-year-old son named Dani. At the age of 13, Dani was introduced to drugs and alcohol. Through the years, he has tried to stop using but has struggled to stay clean and would relapse. Through his use of drugs and alcohol, it has caused Dani to struggle with mental illness and triggered symptoms of schizophrenia.

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Three years ago, Dani went to Costa Rica to live with his brother. He was looking for stability and community to stay sober. He had a job, was healthy and he had family surrounding him. One day, Dani starting hearing voices in his head that he needed to commit suicide and if he didn’t the voices told him that they were going to hurt his family.

Dani attempted to commit suicide four different times while living in Costa Rica. He was placed in a psychiatric hospital to receive some medical assistance. Although the doctors tried to help Dani, his symptoms were more severe than they thought and they did not have the tools to help him the way he needed. As time went on, the voices in Dani’s head kept getting louder and louder. Because of this, Dani’s brother thought it would be best for him to return to Nicaragua.

When the leaders at the micro-finance site heard his story, they immediately started praying for him. They believed there may have been spiritual ties to his illness. So, the church of Roca Fuerte gathered together with Dani and prayed with him. A miracle happened.

God broke Dani’s chains and brought him freedom!

We thank God for the work that is being done in and through Dani’s life. Join us in prayer that God would continue to bring healing and restoration to this family.

Grateful for you,

The SI Team