203 A Summer Intern's Perspective on Fiji
Megan Mickelsen in Fiji

We’ve received a Fiji update from SI summer intern, and new staff member, Megan Mickelsen:

Fiji has been quite the adventure during this 2012 summer season of teams. Through my role as a teams director/summer intern, I was able to watch and participate in the work that God was doing both in the community of Lautoka and in the lives of the students that came to Fiji. It was such a humbling experience to see how God would use something as fleeting as a two-week period of time to seriously work in the hearts of the students who traveled across the ocean to serve the Lord. It was a challenging time for various reasons, but incredibly exciting as I worked together with the Fijian staff to help pioneer the work that God is doing in Fiji.

During the times that the teams were not there one of my favorite pastimes was to sit on the balcony in the late afternoon with the Fijian staff. We would have a hot cup of tea in hand, would munch on cookies as we watched the sky light up in deep and varied colors due to the descending sun behind us, and would discuss the exciting future that God has for Fiji. The ministry and work that is going on in Fiji is young and organic, and with that comes some kinks and many questions. However, the hand of God in Fiji is unmistakable. This summer I saw God change lives. This summer I felt God change my own life. I am beyond excited to watch as God continues to work and as the story that is SI Fiji continues to unfold.

Some quick ministry site updates:

Auntie Mila’s house is coming along! We finished the septic tank, and now we are working to complete the wiring/plumbing for the house to make it ready for move-in. She should be moving in very soon!

untitled A Summer Intern's Perspective on Fiji
Construction in Fiji

Special Needs
I don’t know how Soko was bribing the students to keep them coming, but this site continued to be t he team favorite throughout the summer. The legacy that each team left was invaluable!

The impact on the primary school from this summer was huge! We developed a library. We hired a librarian. We developed lasting relationships. We taught Englis h. We made giant books. The principal was so ecstatic at the work that SI did that word began to spread. Before we knew it, other schools all around the area were calling – they wanted SI for their school! One new school to minister at is currently in the works.

204 A Summer Intern's Perspective on Fiji
Children in Fiji

Prison ministry
This ministry continues to challenge the students/leaders and continues to grow as Ilyesa puts in countless hours to minister to the men in the prison.

Women’s ministry/preschool
The women’s ministry is continuing to grow as well! Ru is filled with ideas and vision as she leads the women in learning to take charge of their lives and in learning to follow Jesus. She has thoughts of a bread oven, new craft ideas, various sustainable living ideas, and many more. The potential is huge.

Golden Age
Another challenging site for the students this summer, the golden age ministry is flourishing largely due to the heart of its leader, Auntie Mila. She pours into the elderly at this home, seeing it as one last opportunity she has to share Jesus with a lost soul who is in the final stages of life. Auntie Mila’s servant heart is infectious and did not go unnoticed by the students who served alongside her.