64 A Note from the President - The Gift of a Sending Church
Dave Hansen

This past weekend Janice and I were together with Lowell and Cheryl Troyer along with Nate and Maggie Slabach and a host of others celebrating the marriage of Alicia Troyer to Nick Gerig. What a wonderful celebration of marriage and a great reunion of family and friends. Sunday morning we attended the River of Life Church where Nate was asked to give a “missions update” on their work in Nicaragua. Janice and I were so blessed to be there and be reminded of the importance and the blessing of sending churches. As Nate shared stories of our ministry sites where lives are being transformed, one being where 11 young men gave their lives to Christ, the church applauded. When Pastor Rick Lambright brought his message to the congregation, he referred to Nate’s report numerous times. At the end of the service there was a time of prayer for the Slabachs.

When our staff has the financial and prayer support of a sending church, it becomes foundational in their ability to serve.