641 A Note from the President
Dave Hansen

Students International began in the mid 90’s with full time ministry in Guatemala. I had the privilege of bringing the second short term team of high school students when I was teaching and coaching at a Christian High School. Then in the year 2000, Students International launched a new “arm” of ministry by beginning a four month long semester study abroad program with Bethel University in Minnesota. More semester programs were added in 2007 and are continually being added even today.  We are working with eight different universities today in four different countries and it is all lead by our academic director, Darin Mather. He has done an incredible job of insuring rigorous academics combined with quality practical learning, and all this in a cross-cultural setting being mentored by our staff in their ministry sites. Now he has brought to us a new concept! Instead of just studying abroad for one semester, why not study abroad for a whole year? This would all but insure fluency in Spanish and at the same time a student has a whole array of study options by virtue of online classes. This is our new Global Bridge program, and it is exciting! Imagine being able to study abroad, be exposed to powerful ministries, be in a cohort with other passionate learners and do all this while living in home stays with the local people. What about affordability? With the cost of higher education going through the roof, this can be done for around the cost of going to a state college. This program is beginning this Fall in the DR so pass the word along or come join us yourself!