Let’s praise the Lord for life transformation!

Gloria has been a patient at the SI medical site in Nicaragua for six years now and we have seen tremendous growth physically and spiritually. Three years ago, a program was created to offer health care services and education while sharing the word of God and showing His love through lasting relationships. Gloria signed up for the program but she was not receptive to prayer or reading scripture. However, she was receptive to the program’s health care services and the education that gave her the tools to begin healing.

So, Gloria kept attending the program.

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Throughout time, Gloria was poured into and shown the love of Christ, she was read scripture and she was prayed for.

God was at work and her heart slowly began to change.

We now look at Gloria and see a woman that hungers and thirsts to know God and firmly believes in the power of prayer. A woman who seeks to take God’s word to her family and friends so that they too can experience the depth of His never failing love. She has been hosting daily devotionals in her home and throughout time, each one of her family members has come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Gloria is now a pillar within our clinic’s program. She has become an example to other patients due to the growth and leadership in physical and spiritual health. She encourages patients in the group to take control of their health through seeking out consults, routinely taking their medications and taking care of their nutritional health. Most importantly, she encourages other women to spend intimate time with the Lord and to be in fellowship with other believers.

Gloria isn’t the only one that has been impacted by the medical programs. There are seven other women that have completed the program with Gloria but still want to be a part of the ministry. On a weekly basis, these women gather together to study the bible, serve the community or do home visits where they sit and pray for others in the community.

Our prayer is that God would continue to use the medical site to bring people together and that they would not only experience a physical healing but a spiritual healing as well.

Would you join us in prayer?