MicrosoftTeams image 25 A Journey of Change

Two years ago, our Health Care Site, decided to extend its services to the Buena Vista community. Our main objective was to kickstart a nutrition program tailored for children below 5 years and provide comprehensive health check-ups to the entire community. During one of these consultations, we crossed paths with a woman named Isabel Benavides. Isabel is a widow with an amicable and diligent nature who makes a living by selling homemade bread and desserts to her community. Since her first visit to our clinic, she has been a vocal advocate of our medical services, recommending us to others in need. Isabel’s family, which includes her daughter Ana, and grandchildren Aaron and Monserrat, have been instrumental in supporting this new service.

After the death of her husband, Isabel grappled with alcohol addiction, feeling utterly lost and hopeless. However, her daughter Ana, inspired by her newfound faith, decided to change not just her life, but her family’s destiny too. Despite facing initial resistance from her family, Ana began going to a local church and convinced Isabel to join her.

Over time, Isabel was able to conquer her addiction. As of this January, she has chosen to walk the same spiritual path as Ana and accepted the Jesus as her Lord and Savior. We feel honored to have witnessed their transformative journey and wish for Isabel’s continued spiritual development. We invite you to join us in praying for her spiritual walk with the Lord.