Today’s story of encouragement comes from the Trade School Site in Guatemala.

At the beginning of the year, a young volunteer firefighter named Diego decided he wanted to take a step in furthering his education and do something that he loves.

4006b1e1 f99e 2bff 63c4 92892deccbc4 A Humble CarpenterOn his days off from firefighting, he makes his way to the Trade School to study and learn carpentry. Not only is he learning new skills, but he is learning about Jesus. Diego had never heard about this man named Jesus. He has never really been around believers and therefore it has been difficult to wrap his mind around the idea of this man giving his life for him. Each morning before class, the students gather together with their site leader, Samuel, to study scripture. Diego would sit and listen to others in the group converse and study together. He would ask questions but ultimately was unsure about this man named Jesus.

Two months went by and a shift began in Diego’s heart. He was no longer just interested in learning a trade, he was now interested in learning about that humble carpenter that was willing to give His life and died for all of our sins.

One day during class, Diego asked Samuel, “What can I do in order to be with Jesus, my Savior?” Samuel’s answer was simple. “Give your heart and life completely to Him.”

So, that’s what Diego did. He gave his heart and his life to Jesus that day.

Praise God!

God has been working in and through this young man in a transformational way as a father and a spouse. God is becoming the center of his home. Diego has now been talking about taking a step of obedience and making a public declaration of faith by being baptized.

Transformation is taking place in our trade School. Join us in prayer that other students would come to know and love King Jesus and would accept Him as their Lord and Savior.