db2fca17 f794 4925 8ade 70c04ae7e8a3 A Home Stay Like No OtherEach year, one of our Global Bridge students’ favorite activities is home stays. In each semester, students stay with local families for 2 two-week rotations. By the end of the year, they have had the opportunity to stay with 4 families, spending a total of almost 8 weeks in Dominican homes.

These families are staff or are closely connected to our staff. They are Christian families that range from young parents with small children to grandparents. They all live in Santiago but in different neighborhoods and attend different churches. By spending time living with Dominican families, our students get to experience the culture from the inside. They are welcomed into Dominican homes and become part of the families.

Our students experience things they are unused to, like eating dinner at 9 or 10 o’clock, knowing that on Wednesdays there is no water to the house, and being extremely flexible with plans. They also get to have deeper experiences such as spending all weekend with extended family, dropping everything to help someone in need, and dedication to serving in the church.

We are so appreciative of the families who welcome our students into their homes and lives. The home stay aspect of the Global Bridge program makes the Dominican culture that much more personal for our students. It’s a beautiful way to understand better how God has created different cultures to reflect His own character.