Jerry has become a familiar face at our women’s health and fitness site over the last few months. He has been attending our workouts despite the difficulties he faces. Jerry is slowly losing his sight, but he remains committed to his fitness journey and improving his overall health. We are proud to have Jerry as a member of our community and to see him pushing through his challenges to achieve his goals. As you can imagine as a result of his experiences, he was impacted in every aspect of his being – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He approached Grettel about attending the weekly Bible study, hoping to find some comfort and support. To his delight, he was met with wholehearted acceptance and open arms, making him feel valued and included in the community. Through his participation in the study, he found a renewed sense of hope and purpose in the Lord, allowing him to cope with the challenges he faced.
MicrosoftTeams image 23 A Health and Fitness Journey Like No OtherWhen asked about his experience attending the site Jerry said this,
“My personal experience in the time that I have been going to the exercises has been great! It has helped me through moments of great stress, loneliness, and anxiety. Since, I started attending my days have been different. I have felt more energetic, felt the encouragement of the staff and other participants, and have faced my challenges with greater enthusiasm. I see the world differently, with more positivity. I pay attention to my physical and mental well-being and also to the type of diet I should eat. The SI staff encourage us in incredible ways, and they make you feel part of a team. They encourage you to grow both in the fitness and in one’s personal life. My time at the ministry site is a moment where I can It is a moment where I personally disconnect from the stress of life and genuinely enjoy myself.”
Through his participation at the Women’s Health and Fitness site Jerry has also connected to the Creative Arts Workshop, where he has taken a couple of ukulele lessons. Praise God that Jerry has found a place where he is loved and accepted and where he can grow as a person. Please join us in giving thanks for Jerry’s life and praying for his vision.