Global Bridge students have been busy the past month. They finished up homestays for the semester and then went straight into helping our staff host 2 short-term teams. With the addition of schoolwork, practicing their Spanish, and going on a camping excursion, it’s been a whirlwind of activity!

5D99A026 8280 4D5B 9476 80F7086A995E A Busy Month for Global BridgeOur students are such a help when we have short-term teams. By the time teams come, students are familiar with their ministry sites and have a basic grasp of Spanish. They are able to help teams feel more comfortable in the sites by explaining schedules, answering questions, and building a relational bridge between the North American teams and the site leader and community members. The students also realized how much Spanish they actually have learned in the past two months as they became translators for the team members! The Global Bridgers stepped into leadership in a great way while our teams were here, and we are grateful for the way they served.

We also were able to take our annual camping trip with the Global Bridge 2 students, who live and serve in Jarabacoa. It’s always a favorite excursion because we get to have all of our students together. Being in nature, hiking and exploring waterfalls bring a renewal of spirit. Plus, it’s fun!

Please pray for our students as they finish up this semester. They have grown so much in many ways, but most importantly, in their faith and their understanding of God. Pray that they can use what they’ve learned to finish well in their schoolwork, their ministry sites, and their relationships.