This week we’re sharing a story out of one of our ministry sites in Costa Rica. Jessie Rybaczyk leads our women’s health and fitness site in the community of Los Guidos. She hosts boot-camp style workouts, teaches on nutrition, and leads weekly Bible studies. 

IMG 0545 A Birthday Celebration in Costa Rica

Since starting the women’s health and fitness site in Costa Rica in September of 2018, I’ve seen a lot happen at my site, and I’ve had the opportunity to build relationships with women in the community. Recently I had the chance to help one of our community members celebrate her birthday in a special way. Her name is Guiselle, and she’s been a part of the ministry of Students International for many years– primarily in the Women’s Microfinance site. Last year, she became one of the main participants in our exercise program & bible study. As her birthday approached, she mentioned that she appreciates celebrating her birthday by eating lunch with a few close friends.

los guidos A Birthday Celebration in Costa Rica

So that’s what we did! She didn’t know where she wanted to eat but said she is craving seafood soup. It was an adventure trying to find a place, but we had faith her soup would be perfect. It turned out that she had been craving that particular soup for 2 years and she was excited to find a crab (dead) in her soup! This was a special treat for her and she said it had been 20 years since she had this soup, with crab, and it sparked conversations of different life stories. Guiselle has experienced so much hurt and pain in her life, but you wouldn’t know by the love and joy she pours out to others. I am thankful for the opportunity to share in such a special moment with Guiselle, hoping that she felt loved!