A Breath of Fresh Air

Much like the rest of the world, Costa Rica has been riding the emotional rollercoaster of COVID-19. Beginning in mid-May, the government started phase two of opening the country. This phase affected small businesses as well as our ministry sites. Many of the women in our Microfinance site are small business owners that have been badly hurt by the COVID-19 restrictions. Ivania is one of those small business owners who attended our Microfinance site for the last seven years.

God's Love, Gospel, and Peace through Virtual Health Care

Our work as missionaries and ambassadors of Christ is to share His love, His gospel, and peace that transcends all understanding. For some of us, this means visiting a member of the community, installing a water filter, and then sharing a cup of coffee as we talk about Jesus and His overwhelming love. In our case, sharing that love and hope means having our patients' afflictions, whether severe or mild, be both physically and spiritually healed.

Growing Season in Nicaragua!

So much of what we do is built upon relationships and gathering people together in groups. Our agriculture site has suspended their group meetings, but have been able to invest more intentional time with the individual farmers...

Surrender, Thanksgiving, and Praise in Guatemala

Good morning from Guatemala! While things in the United States and other countries continue to open back up, here in Guatemala, we are still under curfew and quarantine. I wanted to share with you how proud I am, as a Field Director, by how our staff here have handled this situation...