Costa Rica: SI Vision Trip - July '09

We’d like to invite youth pastors or future outreach trip leaders to join us on a vision trip to Costa Rica in July. The purpose is to spread the SI mission and vision, and to pave the way for future trips. Contact us for more information.

A Note from the President: Fiji-bound!

It was two years ago this past May that Janice and I along with Jonathan Thompson, our Director of Operations, his wife Tricia, and SI Board member Wayne Crabtree, were hosted in Fiji by Ray and Laura Pittman. The purpose of the trip was to see if Fiji...

Thanks to Tom Babagian!

Thank you, Tom, for the last year and a half of service in our International Service Center. We also appreciate your continuing work on the board for SI.

Fiji Update

Fiji is a nation of 330 islands nestled in the South Pacific. Fiji is postcard-perfect in many regards, but there is another side to the postcard: people that live in poverty and great spiritual need. There are two main people groups here: the indigenous Fijian, and the Indo-Fijians...