With the start of the Costa Rican school year in February, our regular programs, classes, and workshops have also started. In our Training Center, which is also home to The Creative Arts Workshop, Women’s School Work, and our offices… we now have a problem.
We are out of room!
Most days, our various small meeting spaces are buzzing with activity as people take classes in carpentry, painting, jewelry making, crochet, sewing, various beautician classes, English, cooking, and Bible studies. There are over 140 people attending at least one class a week with over 35 of these attending 2 or more of the classes. And there is a waiting list for many of the courses!
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More important than the number of the people attending is why
community members are coming:
“I come because I have friends and community here.”
“I come because I want to start a new business with what I learn.”
“I come because I learned to believe in myself here.”
“I come to learn skills that I can use in my business.”
“I come because I’m encouraged to follow Jesus here.”
“I come because I feel at home here.”
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We are excited to have this problem, but it is a problem. We are working on plans to expand our facilities so that we can be able to receive the people on our waiting lists.
Rejoice with us about what God is doing and pray with us that as these men, women, and youth who come would have an encounter with Jesus through these courses. And pray with us that God would provide the resources to expand.
Grateful for you,
The SI Team